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We never double book our appointments,
ensuring Our time, is Your time.


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Frankston Physio | Angus Physiotherapy

At Angus Physiotherapy in Frankston, we have 30 Years Experience of Physiotherapy treatments.

We guarantee that your consultation shall always be a one on one experience – we NEVER double book our appointments, ensuring Our time, is Your time.

Our Physiotherapists are constantly updating their skills and knowledge and hold several Post Graduate Qualifications in  Orthopaedic Medicine,  Sports Medicine,  Headache and Migraine Treatments and Spinal Pain
Rehabilitation and Exercise Prescription,  and Dry Needling.  You can be assured of a Professional and Knowledgeable consultation at all times.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck pain and disability is one of the commonest problems for which people consult a physiotherapist.

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Back Pain

Our Physiotherapists are able to Assess and Diagnose the likely source and cause of your back pain.

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Knee Injuries

We are able to assess the likely source and cause of your knee pain and injuries injuries.

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There is significant clinical evidence and research to confirm that many headaches arise from stiffness in the joints of the upper neck.

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Ankle Injuries

Ankle pain and injury are extremely common. The most likely ankle injury that people think of is a sprained ankle, but ankle pain can have numerous sources.  Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Arthritic Pain

Physiotherapy plays an important role in managing arthritis. It can help you to maintain independence through improving your mobility, strength and flexibility.

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