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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps the body to heal itself. It is a natural method of healthcare, which gently and effectively works with the body to encourage rapid pain reduction and early healing. By combining traditional values of patient care and state of the art facilities, Angus Physiotherapy offers the very best in healthcare. Here are some of the many conditions that can be helped by Physiotherapy:

  • Spinal problems – Back pain, slipped discs, sciatica and trapped nerves.
  • Injuries to muscles – Ligaments and tendons, including Tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, Sprains strains and Sports injuries.
  • Joint problems – Pains, swelling, stiffness in joints, arthritis and following dislocation.
  • Fractures – When the bones have healed, our treatment can remove stiffness and re – Strengthen the limb.
  • Diseases of the Nervous system – Strokes, Parkinsons, M.S.

Your treatment programme begins with a thorough assessment. We shall look at the injured part of your body and the surrounding areas. We then spend time finding the exact cause of your problem, enabling us to target your treatment more effectively. We shall then choose treatment techniques which are appropriate to your condition. Some of the techniques, which may be used, include;

  • Hands on techniques – soft tissue massage and highly skilled mobilisations.
  • Electrotherapy – such as Ultrasound, TENS, Interferential.
  • Exercise Therapy – to restore the alignment, tone and movement of your body.

At Angus Physiotherapy, we aim to provide a first class service. The facilities, staff and treatments are the very best and include;

  • Modern well equipped Private Clinic.
  • Daytime and Evening appointments.
  • Recognised by Medical / Health Funds. (* BUPA & Medibank Preferred Provider)

Physiotherapists are a members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and State Registered.

Authorised to treat DVA, Workcover and TAC patients and we partake in the Enhanced Primary Care Scheme, offering ‘Bulk Billed ‘ services with an appropriate GP referral.

Schedule of Fees

Initial consult- $75 / Review $65
Pensioner – Initial $65 / Review $55

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