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  • Beating the Winter Blues

    The Winter Blues is actually more common than you might think and anyone can experience a bout of it from year to year.  There will be fluctuations in your eating patterns, more sleep required than usual, some weight gain, fatigue and a general sluggishness.

  • Core Stability and Back Pain

    Core stability is the training of the abdominal muscles to support the spine and is fundamental to the Pilates concept, Yoga, and current physiotherapy treatment of low back pain.

  • Physiotherapy Management of Arthritis

    Strong evidence confirms the effectiveness of physiotherapy to treat arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, with interventions to control pain and improve physical function.

  • Management of Ankle Injuries

    Injuries to the ankle are especially prevalent in weight-bearing sports an activities, accounting for 10-30 per cent of all sports injuries.